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The ‘too difficult’ style

I was brought up short the other day while reading, of all things, the Cambridge alumni rag, Cam.  It was an article by Michael Hurley, a lecturer in English, on how literary language can sometimes communicate better than plain English.  His closing sentence is, “straight talk can be a prophylactic against mendacious or muddled thought, but […]

Pedant’s Corner (2)

This is the second post on risk definitions in the context of risk management standards.  Here we are moving on to risk governance, the outer level of the three risk management processes I proposed some time ago. In that previous work I suggested there should be three main components of a risk policy, the document […]

Pedant’s Corner (1)

In principle I’m a great fan of standards for risk management.  Given the problems we have, there is a very attractive idea that conceptually lucid, clearly written standards can help us find the way forward. In reality the large range of standards (ISO 31000, BS 31100, superseded A/NZ documents, etc) and quasi standards (PRAM, MoR/P3M3, […]