We develop software as part of out consulting work. Our aim is to support our work with conceptually simple, but powerful tools customised from Microsft Office or in other ways which build on existing applications. We are proud to offer the first one below.
Natural Monte Carlo
Natural Monte Carlo is a tool based on Microsoft Excel for calculating risk models using the Monte Carlo technique. The concept is that there are a couple of new built in functions to represent the input and output probability distributions and Microsoft Excel automatically recalculates the sheet, generating the output distributions. Features exist to generate reports and graphs.

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We are making Natural Monte Carlo available without charge to people who are interested. Of course we do not accept any liability for the tool, for the results or the way you use them - don't forget Monte Carlo is a naturally random method anyway. We also want to know who is using the tool and may ask you for your experience with Natural Monte Carlo. This is why it is password protected and you have to email us to obtain the key which is returned automatically and instantaneously.
If you are interested in using Natural Monte Carlo, you can view and download the manual and download the spreadsheet. Finally use this email link to generate an email which will give you the password.
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