Our resources

As part of our mission to contribute to the advancement of good practice and help organisations adopt it The Risk Agenda is happy to make information and tools available. We hope our clients and others will be able to benefit from them.

Company Information

You can download a company
capability statement and Andy Garlick’s CV from here. You can also see our approach and processes as set out in a number of product sheets: risk modelling, risk model review, programme risk analysis and risk mapping.

Risk Management Briefings and Tools

We have used the blog section of our website to offer briefings on risk management in the form of our RiskBites. We plan to add further topical RiskBites in the future and possibly more comprehensive briefings. You can make suggestions for the topics you would like to see covered from the contact page.

In the future we also plan to make available the risk management software tools we develop in the course of our work, where we think they might be of interest – see next item for the first one and also the RiskBite on risk software generally.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

In the course of our risk modelling work we have developed a tool for doing the Monte Carlo calculations on relatively simple risk models. We are happy to make this tool available for use by others. If you are interested, please see our software page.

For more on Monte Carlo and other quantitative techniques, see our forthcoming book on quantitative risk analysis
Estimating Risk: A Management Approach.