Welcome ...
The Risk Agenda is a consulting firm specialising in risk. Our purpose is to improve the way organisations deal with an uncertain future:
  • by contributing to the advancement of good practice
  • by helping organisations adopt this good practice
  • by working with them on their specific risk challenges.
    Organisations are increasingly realising that managing for a successful future is the same as managing their risks and opportunities in the best way.
    Two examples are:
  • developing good practice in corporate governance
  • increased risk management activity in UK Government agencies.
  • We aim to support such trends by evolving and promoting improved risk management techniques for the identification, assessment, quantification and monitoring of risk.
    We think this will make risk management easier, more effective and more visible to stakeholders. Above all it will enable risk management to assume its proper role as a way of viewing and thinking about management in general: helping organisations to shape their business future.
    To do this we currently provide advice on risk management systems and tools, and on specific risk issues. We support contract bid teams, project teams and corporate risk teams in understanding and managing their risk agenda.
    Client List
    The clients to whom we have provided these services include:
  • Atkins Global
  • Balfour Beatty Management
  • Balfour Beatty Utilities Limited
  • Brian Hannaby and Associates
  • Department for Transport
  • EDF Energy
  • Expro Global PLC
  • Manex (UK) Limited
  • Metronet Rail BCV
  • Metronet Rail SSL
  • Metronet Strategic Resource Alliance
  • National Grid Transco
  • Overall Consulting Limited
  • Pipeline Consultants Limited
  • Strategic Lines Limited
  • TTAC Limited
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