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Our preserves were started from a desire to share some of the good things we found in the French countryside. We wanted to go back to the old, slow ways of doing things, to return to a time when quality and taste were more important than volume and speed. We wanted to make preserves using the fruits that our forebears collected from the hedgerows and waysides - fruits that were not grown commercially, but benefitted from natural sunshine, and the vagaries and unpredictability of the weather. We wanted to make something special.

For many years we have been making preserves for the benefit of family and friends, and these can now reach a wider audience. Our fruit is dependent on the natural harvest, and our products are made without colouring or preservatives. They are made to enhance natural flavours and we often use fruits that are difficult to obtain in England because they are not grown commercially.
Hand made
Low levels of sugar
Fresh fruits only
Copper preserving pan
Recent News
We have recently added Quince Jelly to our range. This fruit, much used in past times, has fallen into disfavour, and is rarely found. It makes a wonderful aromatic jelly, perfect for serving with roast pork or cheeses.